We Offer Solutions for Various Type of Food Freezing


Green pea, sweet corn, baby corn, carrot, okra, bean, mixed vegetable, broccoli,cauliflower, peppers, spinach etc.


Papaya, sliced mango, sliced ​pineapple, guava, pomegranate, strawberries, coconut,lychee, etc

Aquatic Products

Vannamei shrimp,white shrimp, black tiger, pink brown, beltfish, cuttlefish, octopus,squid, tuna, mackerel, etc

quick freezing room

Poultry & Meat

Chicken leg, feet, wing, duck, pork, beef, sausage, meat ball, mutton etc

Featured Products

iqf freezer for fruit

Fluidized Bed IQF Freezer

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Tunnel IQF Freezer

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Shrimp Grading Machine

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Walk in Blast Freezer

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Vegetable Cleaning Machine

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Fresh Corn Cutter

From pretreatment to freezing to cold storing.
Cheguan is a highly professional company committed to the design and manufacture of exceptional products of IQF freezing system for virous foods

Your Demands - Our solutions
We specialise in provision of quality IQF quick freezing machines, air blast freezersand customized cold room projects.

We want to be a company that mantains faithful to our values raising the reputation "made in China"always and putting the social corporative resposibility.

Our products are recognized nationally, and considerable investment in R&D has given us the ablity to individually customize a complete program that ensures we remain competitive in our industry


Processing Technology of Common IQF Vegetables 2023-12-2
Take the mature sweet corn, yellow or white is ok. Corn kernels should be full, neat, remove too old raw materials. Due to the quick progress of maturation after harvesting, IQF freezing process should be completed as fast as possible. ......

Processing Technology of Common IQF Vegetables - Green Bean and Pea 2023-10-20
Green beans which is for IQF should be guaranteed fresh, bright green color, strip uniform, slender, no spots, no pests and diseases, no other pollution. Wherever there are pests and diseases, abrasions, deformity are removed........

The Advantages of IQF Vegetables 2020-5-29
Do you eat IQF vegetables? It is the bags of cut broccoli, carrots, green beans, corn kernels, pea grain in the frozen area of supermarket. You may have question, since in the supermarket, and why not buy fresh vegetables, but to buy frozen vegetables? .......

Calculate Required Refrigeration Consumption Based On Food Physical Property 2020-5-15
The method is used for calculating the required refrigeration consumption in IQF freezing, the result can be a reference value for the compressor selection. The formula involves the parameters of food physical property: freezing point .......

Chenguan Machinery & Freezing Technologies started in 2007, is a professional manufacturer with decades of industry experience. We are dedicated to in three major machines: processing machines for freezing plant, IQF freezers and air blast freezers. Our products involve tunnel freezers, spiral freezer, washing machine, blancher, cold storage, blast freezer and etc. Our special R&D team can offer the customized solutions according to customer special requirements. "Good material, Better design, Best quality". We hold this operation principle to keep competitive advantage in the changeable circumstance Adopted advanced technology to design the compact configuration machineries. Our products are coincident with HACCP Hygienic Standard and ISO International Quality.

We have experiences of more than ten years in manufacturing and installation of food processing machines for domestic and international customers. We also undertake turnkey projects of processing and storing for seafood, fruits and vegetables. We manufacture machinery for the following applications:

• Frozen fruits and vegetables
• Frozen seafood
• Dehydrated vegetables
• Refrigerated and preservation storage of food

Fluidized bed iqf freezer