Fresh Corn Cutter Machine

corn sheller

Chenguan corn cutter machine is different from simple corn cutting machine. It is for the purpose of fresh corn niblet which water content is more than 80%. That cutting is impossible for the simple corn cutting machine. The fresh corn cutter is a efficient equipment for corn niblet cutting. Generally used for making the material of granular and paste corn can, frozen maize and other corn foods. It has the function of directional and fixed distance conveying, Cutting knife and scraper are controlled automatically, separate corn granule and waste from cob by themselves. It also has mores features, such as compact configuration, rational design, easy and safe operation, high efficiency. It is one of the best machines for corn shelling. Present model was improved in 2014.

Running Principle

Corns are put on the conveying chains one by one by straight line, pass the high speed rotating cutting blades. The corn cutter removes the corn niblet from cob in radial direction. The residual juice and gain are scraped off by the high speed rotating scraping blades.

corn sheller

Performance Data

  • Maximum processing:1.5 ton/hour equal to 100 corns/min
  • Cutting rate: 95%
  • Suited corn size: Corn diameter Φ30—Φ70mm, Length≥90mm
  • Rotation speed:830 r/min
  • Conveying chain speed:407mm/s
  • Rubber feeding roller speed:541mm/s
  • Belt-claw feeding roller speed:737mm/s

The video of corn cutter machine